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Tom Meijer - Host of Happy Station 1970 - 1992

Over the past few years a number of you have been asking if any of the songs Tom recorded at Radio Netherlands during his time as host of Happy Station Show were available.  Well here they are.

Many of these songs are rare and in some cases only broadcast once.  They were recorded at Radio Netherlands and in Atlanta, USA. Some of the tracks were recorded in Atlanta for an LP called Hey Listen.


  • Dick Kuys
  • Tim McCabe
  • Cees Smal


  • Radio Netherlands (Hilversum, Holland)
  • Wisseloord Studios (Hilversum, Holland)
  • Master Sound Recording Studios, (Atlanta, United States)


  • Harry de Groot Orchestra
  • The Skymasters Orchestra
  • Atlanta Orchestra
  • Cees Smal Orchestra