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Theo Lee: has been working as an advertising designer for many years. He has worked for international agencies such as BATES and JWT. Currently he is working for Taiwan agency PP3 Group overseeing there business in China. Theo is a designer for all PCJ/Happy Station publicity.

Bob Zanotti: a broadcaster with Swiss Radio International where he hosted for 24 years the Swiss Shortwave Merry Go Round with Bob Thomann. Bob runs the website Switzerland In Sound (www.switzerlandinsound) and has been sending in contributions and has been providing me some invaluable advice.

Colin Newell: Webmaster PCJmedia.com - writer and creator of Coffeecrew.com, DXer.ca, BobHarris.com - Ham radio operator VA7WWV - I.T. specialist with the Univerisity of Victoria and co-creator of the DX Podcast. 
Credits include assistant writing for the TV Series CSI Las Vegas, guest on WTN's "The Shopping Bags" and appearances on syndicated radio shows on the subject of Canadian popular culture.

Ian McFarland: formerly with Radio Canada International has appeared on the show from time to time. Ian is an active fund raiser for a series of social organizations in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada. He and Colin Newell produced a series of CD's which you can buy from www.dxer.ca - The 3 popular audio series feature: Series-1 a comprehensive catalog of interval signals, Series-2 a language recognition series featuring Doctor Richard E. Wood and their latest outing: Yesterday and Today, 20 Years Of International Broadcasting. 100% of the proceeds of the CD sales go to local charities on Vancouver Island.

Jeff White: the general manager of Radio Miami International (www.wrmi.net). WRMI is Happy Station’s shortwave relay station for Latin/South/North America/Caribbean. WRMI carries a myriad of English and Spanish language programs including DX Party Line.

Tom Meijer: Happy Station’s host from 1970 to 1992 has been a big inspiration. Tom has sent a number of clips use on the show. Tom’s recordings of music he recorded with some Holland’s best bands and orchestras can also be heard on the show. A few people has asked if they can send an email to Tom. If you wish to contact Tom send me an email at pcjmedia@gmail.com and I will forward it. Thank you Tom!