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If you would like to have any PCJ programs as part of your schedule, please let us know which you would like to have.  All PCJ shows are available free of charge.

For information to receive any of these or special programs let us know and we can provide you a ID and PASSWORD to access the PCJ FTP server.

The show we have to offer are:

Focus Asia Pacific - With stringers through out the Asia Pacific Focus Asia Pacific covers news and current affairs from Australia to India. A new weekly news magazine focusing on some of the most important stories in the Asia Pacific. This is PCJ first news magazine (weekly/29mins)

The Happy Station Show - This show debuted on Philips Radio PCJJ in 1927. In the late 1940s the show moved to Radio Netherlands. Today the show is an independent production by PCJ. The format and style is just plan good old fashion radio with a wide range of subjects including music requests from around the world. (weekly/55mins) Producer/Presenter: Keith Perron

Switzerland In Sound - For those who want to find out what makes Switzerland tick this show offers a unique look at this very special European country. The show is produced by longtime broadcaster Bob Zanotti who spent more than 25 years reporting on the country for Swiss Radio International. (weekly/29mins) Produced/Presented: Bob Zanotti

Nash Holos - This show has been going for many years and each week brings listeners on a tour of Ukrainian cultural. (weekly/55min) Produced/Presented: Paulette MacQuarrie Canceled

Vintage Media Network - Media Network was once one of the most popular shows on Radio Netherlands Worldwde. Jonathan Marks took over the show from Harry van Gelder in 1981, which had been called DX Jukebox. Jonathan has been very active to digitize these classic shows. (weekly/29mins) Producer/Presenter: Jonathan Marks

Media Network Plus - This is a monthly feature from PCJ Radio that looks at the world of communications both old and new.  (weekly/29min, monthly/55mins) Producer/Presenter: Keith Perron

The Stuph File - Have you ever wondered if chickens make headline news? Or Who own Hitler's toilet. This show is everything strange and about the things some stupid people do if caught by the police and much much more. (weekly/55mins) Producer/Presenter: Peter Anthony Holder

The Kelly Alexander Show - This show focuses on the needs and wants of today's women. From handing office gossip to hosting a blowout birthday party and everything in between. (weekly/55mins) Producer/Presenter: Kelly Alexander

Jazz For The Asking - This show features the best jazz from the last 100 years. Including spotlights on artists who have had major influences on the music form. It also includes interviews with some new talent involved in jazz today. (weekly/58mins) Producer/Presenter: Keith Perron

Just some of the stations and networks running our programs on MV/FM/Shortwave/Satellite and internet.