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Who is Ian Huntly?

In 1965 Ian Huntly and his Girlfriend Julia decided to do a Continental tour, taking in some of the race circuits of the Motorcycle and Car World Championships. Ian had a new car (A Ford 105E Anglia) and after visiting Brands Hatch (UK) on the Sunday, set off via Dover over the Channel to take in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and France..Spa and Assen were on the early schedule but Ian had made some special plans to go to Hilversum.
Ian was, and still is a Short Wave Radio listener, and every Sunday he got up early to hear a unique programme transmitted by Radio Netherlands Wereldomroep. It was the Eddie Startz "Happy Station" show and Ian sat transfixed as he was transported each weekend from his home to Holland aided by Eddies sounds and scripts.
So Julia and Ian arrived in Hilversum and were able to get comprehensive directions from a local person. They arrived at the Radio Nederland Headquarters, parked the car and went to the desk in reception, primarily to see if they could get some of the items on display. They were amazed when the girl on the desk made a quick phone call and soon the door opened and a smiling Eddie Startz came and shook hands. He then gave them a guided tour round the studio and made a fuss of Julia and Ian. Then he presented them with some plastic bags filled with souvenirs and gifts.

Here, 45 years later, Ian has been spending time in his loft going through a vast collection of souvenirs which he has hoarded over the years. 

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