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Is RNW Media needed? – For those who may not know RNW or Radio Nederland Wereldomroep was one of the most respected international broadcasters. Radio Netherlands stood on it’s own against the giants like the BBC World Service, Voice of America, Radio France International and Deutsche Welle. Today they are not even a shadow of their former glory.

RNW Media’s new mission as per their website is:  “The right to information and the right to express your opinion are established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Yet only one person in seven lives in a country with a free press. What’s more, freedom of information isn’t only limited by laws. Sometimes people are afraid to speak their mind. And some topics are simply too sensitive to mention.” But they were already doing this with award winning programs like The State We’re In.

On June 11, 2011, the Dutch government announced a cut of it’s budget from 46 million Euros to 14 million Euros. Then on July 29, 2012 Radio Netherlands ended broadcasting in English. Dutch had already ended along with French and then two year later Spanish.

On this the 4th Anniversary of the close-down of Radio Netherlands and looking closely at what they are doing now. Is the 14 million Euros being well spent?

Perhaps the best thing they could do is just close it down completely.

There is going to be a new round of redundancies coming. This has been confirmed by the RNW Media spokeswoman and Eric Beauchemin the chairman of the Works Council.

This is not a horse with one broken leg. It’s a horse with three broken legs. Take it out back and put it out of its misery.