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Radio Berlin International - This is the final broadcast from the English Section of Radio Berlin International. It was odd listening to it again as I have not played the cassette in nearly 20 years. Click here to listen or download

China Radio International - This is a radio program that was never heard by anyone. It was produced by the censorship department at China Radio International and is labeled "Emergency Censor Tape". This tape was to air incase one of the live announcers in the english service was to go on air and say stuff that the communist party didn't like. What the censors had done was to take bits of our live shows and edit them together in a 55min program. This recording was produced in 2003 from a directive from the China State Administration of Film, Radio and Television. When I left CRI in 2005 I took the DAT tape that was in the control room next to the broadcast studio. Some of the voices you will hear in this recording are the announcing staff of CRI's domestic service. Click here to listen or download

They are:

Tina Vossugh - Has since left CRI and is now working at CNN in Atlanta.

Rick O'shea 

Cory Ashworth - Now working at THE PEEK in Vancouver, Canada.

Wang Lu (Jade)

Paul Pierce 

Li Qien

Mike D

Yang Quien

WLS Chicago - On May 6th, 1937 reported Herbert Morrison and sound engineer Charlie Nielson were on site of the Hindenburg crash. It was the first time radio was used to report on an event as it happened. What you are about to hear is the original disc that aired on WLS about the crash. Click here to download or listen

China Radio International - This is CRI's first ever coverage of a live news event since June 4th, 1989. It aired September 12, 2001 and aired live across China giving details of the terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center in New York. Click here to download or listen

Radio Pyongyang - The following is a broadcast of Radio Pyongyang from August 3rd, 1994 just a few weeks after the death of Kim Il Sung. Click here to download or listen

South West African Broadcasting Corp. - After David Monson who had hosted Brussels Calling on Belgium Radio International for many years he made his way to the African nation of Namibia. Where he joined the South West African Broadcasting Corp. where he hosted and produced a daily news magazine. We now present an edition of Thursday At 8. You will also hear another voice well known in international broadcasting circles. Jeff White who went on to found Radio Miami International. Click here to download or listen

CJAD 800 - I think like most of you like myself enjoy a good conspiracy story from time to time. In 2008 Montreal 911 Truth produced a documentary called "Montreal, the next terror target?". The claims in the documentary is that the City of Montreal in Canada has set itself up as a terror target from the intelligence community. This is an interview with Kenneth Fernandez from the Canadian Action Party on CJAD 800 in Montreal about the film and the outlandish claims. Click here to download or listen

Benny HIll Time - This is an edition of a series British comedian Benny HIll (born Alfred Hawthorn Hill) did for BBC Radio in 1964 and 1964. This edition come from a BBC Transcription tape sent to RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong) in Hong Kong. The cast of players with hill are the same as from his BBC Television series that ran from 1955 to 1967. Hill became an international star in the 70s when Thames Television started to syndicate his series The Benny Hill Show which he began in 1969. His show was canceled by Thames in the late 80s, but today his show is still be shown in over 80 countries, except in the UK. Click here to download or listen

Radio Sweden - October 30, 2010 marked the end of Radio Sweden's shortwave and medium wave broadcasts. This is the last of the Nordic broadcasters to drop shortwave and medium wave as Denmark, Finland, Norway left the bands years ago. Radio Sweden was also a member of the group of 5 which was made up of Radio Canada International, Radio Netherlands, Radio Australia and Swiss Radio International. Today only 3 of these broadcasters are left as Swiss Radio International also left the airwaves. This is the final English program by Radio Sweden for it's international listeners on SW and MV. Click here to download or listen

RIAS (Rundfunk Im Amerikanischen Sektor) - In this edition we feature a number of jazz and swing recordings made by RIAS from the early 50s to 70s. These recordings were made at a special studio set up in West Berlin and were never made available commercially. Click here to download or listen

Voice Of Russia World Service - On January 8, 2011 Carl Watts one of the most beloved announcers on Radio Moscow and Voice Of Russia passed away after being on air since 1959. We now present a special edition of Moscow Mailbag from Voice Of Russia World Service that was broadcast January 13, 2011 that takes a look at the man behind the microphone. Click here to download or listen

Armed Forces Radio - On March 25, 1968 British journalist David Frost sat down for a personal interview with US Senator Robert Kennedy. The interview was also supplied to Armed Forces Radio, which was distributed on transcription disk for broadcast in Europe, Vietnam and others.  Click here to download or listen.

Early Informercials 1930's - Back in the early days of radio is was very common for popular singers and band leaders of the day. Many of these were for cigarette companies making claims smoking was good for your throat. Also companies like RCA, Philco and others also use this format to promote their latest radios. Here are 2 interesting ones from the 1930s. Click here to download or listen.

Nightfall CBC Radio January 9, 1981 - As I was going through some cassette tapes I recorded 30 years ago I came across a CBC Radio Drama Series I was a fan of called Nightfall. This is one of the programs from the series. It is a very interesting radio drama called A Shortwave Goodbye written by George R. Robertson. SWL's will for sure find this interesting. Hope you enjoy it! Click here to download or listen.

Armed Forces Vietnam Network Part 1 - In this the first of a series we will focus on classic programs that aired over the Armed Forces Vietnam Network in the 60s and 70s. Some of these are taken from the original master tapes, but more interesting are the programs recorded off air by US solders in Vietnam during that time. The audio quality varies depending on the source. In the the first of a series looking at AFVN we present The Chris Noel Show that was broadcast August 8, 1967. Click here to download or listen.

Armed Forces Vietnam Network Part 2 - From World War II to the Persian Gulf War Bob Hope did 60 tours in some of the most troubled hot spots. In December 1968 with Les Brown & His Band and a cast of others he traveled to Long Binh, Vietnam as part of the USO to put on a show for US Military personal. AFVN broadcast this show over their network so solders who were not in Long Binh could take part. This was taken from the original master tapes of the live broadcast. It should be noted the tapes had some technical issues so you will hear audio drops at certain points. Click here to download or listen.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide DX Jukebox - Back in the 60s and 70s one of the most popular DX programs as DX Jukebox produced and presented by Harry van Gelder. Each week harry presented a mix of DX tips and news with music. In 1967 Bob Zanotti formerly of Swiss Radio International was working at Radio Sweden and sat down the Grand Old man of RN's English Service for a one on one conversation. This interview has not been heard in over 40 years. Click here to download or listen.

Radio Sweden International - We have a treat for you a studio copy of Radio Sweden's Saturday Show from 1966. This will be special interest to those who remember what it was like listening to international radio back in the old days. And for younger listeners is opens a window to what made international radio to special. This program also features a very young Bob Zanotti. Click here to download or listen.

Radio Moscow Transcription Service - During the 1960s and 70s Radio Moscow was notorious for sending now just a few, but hundreds of tapes a year to radio stations the world over to have their programs air on local FM and MV stations. The reality is it was a huge waste of state funds as many stations that received these programs never aired them, except for a very small hand full. The reality was more often stations just re-used the tapes. The tape Radio moscow used was a very high quality ORWO tape, which was the same grade as the AGFA PEM 465. We now bring you one of these programs. From 1965 History of the Soviet Union. Click here to download or listen.

Radio Nederland Wereldomroep - Window On Holland was an annual series of programs that aired on Radio Netherlands Worldwide at the end of every year. Each program would look at the major events that took place in the Netherlands. This edition comes from December 28, 1959 and is produced and presented by Doug Stanley and Jerry Cowan. Please note the sound of tape rewinding at the beginning is part of the original program. Click here to download or listen.

The Marx Brothers - Back in the golden era of Hollywood all the major studios had weekly radio programs to promote their films. Two of the most well known were Leo Is On The Air from MGM and The Paramount Movie Parade from Paramount Pictures. We have two of these programs featuring the biggest stars of the day The Marx Brothers. Click here to download or listen.

Glenn Miller On The Air - In 1944 American band leader Glenn Miller was asked to do a series of programs directed to Germany as part of the British and American propaganda efforts. These shows were record at the Abby Road Studios in London and were the band leaders last sessions before his death somewhere over the English Channel in December 1944. Click here to download or listen.

The Beatles - In 2004 I produced a 4 part series on The Beatles one of the most popular groups of the 20th century. The series was produced was broadcast in a 2 hour block on CRI's Domestic Service and aired in 4 parts on RTHK in Hong Kong. It was the first ever program decated to the group to air on radio in China. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Shortwaves CKUT (circa 1991) - In the late 80s and early 90s I was producing a series called SHORTWAVES. Every week we featured the best from the shortwave dial. In 1991 we produced a 4 part series about the John Peel and the sessions recorded for his show that aired on the BBC World Service. Our special guest for this series was CBC Radio's Brent Bambury who at the time was hosting Brave New Waves on what was then called CBC Stereo. Click here to download or listen. Click here for PART 2.

Radio Canada International - On November 29, 1987 Boris Shedov had created a new show on international shortwave radio called SHORTWAVES. On the very first show his guest was Allen Familant the program director of Radio Canada International. This is an interesting look at how shortwave was looked upon at the time and about the bright future it had. Click here to download or listen.

Margret Thatcher Resigns BBC World Service - On November 22, 1990 British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher resigned after her Cabinet refused to back her leadership in a second round of leadership elections. What you are about to hear is a special program on Mrs. Thatcher's resignation. Click here to download or listen.

SHORTWAVES CKUT (circa 1990) - More than 20 years ago I was producing and presenting a weekly program called Shortwaves. Each week we would feature reports from various international broadcasters. Every thing from Radio France International, BBC World Service, Radio Nederland, Radio Berlin International, Radio Moscow and many others. This is an air check of one of those shows. It was done live in August 1990 at the start of the Persian Gulf War. We featured the news from the BBC's News Reel. Then Bill Westenhaver who at the time was co-hosting the International Radio Report joined me on the show to talk about other broadcasts people could tune into with more information. Many of you know him as today he works for Radio Canada International in audience relations. Click here to download or listen.

Radio RSA - One station that has many fond memories for SWLs is Radio RSA or Radio South Africa. Now leaving politics aside they did give a good picture of culture in South Africa and the African continent. The station changed it's name in 1992 to Channel Africa, but now is a former shadow of what it was. Channel Africa now only broadcasts to Africa. This is a program about wine making in the Western Cape. Click here to download or listen.

Pop Goes The Beatles BBC August 6, 1963 - A few months ago I bought a few boxes of tapes with radio programs from Armed Forces Radio Taiwan from 1960 to 1976. As I was going through them I came across 5 tapes sent to them in 1963 from the BBC Transcription Service. It was five edition of Pop Goes The Beatles that aired on the home service of the BBC. I don't know why but each program is shortened by 6 mins. Here is one for you now. Click here to listen or download.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide - After decades on air Radio Netherlands Worldwide said farewell to it's audience. Earlier in the year RNW saw it's budget slashed from over 40 million Euros to just over 13 million.  Language services were cut along with many staff members. Popular programs like The State We're In were also cut. We now present the final English program from June 29, 2012. Click here to download or listen.

International Radio Report - On Sunday November 18th the International Radio Report thats broadcast on CKUT in Montreal turned 25. For this special day the normal 30mins program ran for 60mins. Click here to download or listen.

Firedrake The Chinese Jammer - If you go to certain parts of the shortwave dial coming across what people have named Firedrake is easy. Firedrake is used to jam or interfer with broadcasts from Radio Free Asia, Voice Of America, BBC World Service and other international broadcasters that target China. Here is the full 1 hour studio copy of the music used. Click here to download or listen.